We the people declare America to be a Christian nation; a nation that will uphold Christian biblical values as a standard for all to prosper regardless of religious position.  America is “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.  We acknowledge that we are all sinners and have no stones to throw at others.  We repent of our sins as individuals and as a nation.  We acknowledge the Bible as the ultimate written authority from God and strive to uphold Biblical principles in our individual lives, our families, and our country.  We pledge to love and obey our Creator and to love our neighbors created in His image. We believe God gave each the freedom to worship Him as conscience dictates.  We believe America’s founding documents were written to protect freedom of religion, not from religion.   Individuals in America have a right to live their lives, raise their families and operate their businesses in alliance with biblical principles without interference from the government.  We pledge to vote according to Biblical principles to ensure our rights and freedoms regardless of political party affiliation, religious denomination, race, or gender.  We pledge to defend our Constitution and to submit ourselves and our nation to the sovereignty of our Lord, the King of Kings, and supreme authority over the destiny of America as a nation.

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